In the Mecca of songwriters, alternative-soul funk crooner Herb Shaw is a gem of authenticity with a style uniquely his own. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter writes ingenious songs with the precision of a master painter. There is something special about his intelligent, intuitive style that is best described as Eclectic Cool. His smooth vocal delivery coupled with creative lyrics sets him apart from the rest of the pack.

Herb's smash single "Reason for Squeezin" is currently buzzing all over the Internet and is available on all digital distribution outlets. He is also working on a 5 song EP and video project. He is working closely with a live band and awesome stage performance.

The future looks bright for Herb Shaw. On the horizon are plans for an independent release of his next solo CD. He is also currently writing for other artists including singers for the wildly successful Disney Radio franchise. He is also looking to have more placements in movies and soundtracks after the success of his song titled "My Soul" being placed on the soundtrack for the feature length film titled Budz House. Herb Shaw is wise, refined, and adventurous. His captivating voice is equally matched by his inspiring lyrics. His performances are nothing short of spectacular and he leaves audiences in a better place than they were before they arrived at the venue. He is a smart writer with a unique style, a big voice, and a fearless approach to sharing his story with the world.